Art imitates life on Port of Spain streets

By Sherrie Ann De Leon Wed, 07/18/2012 - 22:58 LifestyleCultureslider gallery

Trinidadian filmmaker Shaun Escayg found himself in the middle of a real life police drama while shooting a scene in Port of Spain.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a robbery scene in Escayg's short film titled "Fish" appeared to be so real that police officers drew their weapons and chased the main character who was carrying out the fictitious robbery.

The police and thief scenario is one that plays out on the island on a daily basis with crime rates in Trinidad sky-rocketing over the past several years.

"The director, who currently lives in Los Angeles and has worked on effects for such blockbusters as “Transformers,” wanted to imbue his movie with a dose of authenticity. So he eschewed sets -- and the warnings of his mother -- in favor of shooting on the streets of Port of Spain. On some days, while filming in tougher parts of town, he couldn’t even set up his equipment without armed guards."

He told the LA Times that his film is about "street kids whose lives of petty crime take a dangerous turn when they steal from gangsters". By the way, Shaun is the son of Trinidadian musician Francis Escayg.

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