Fire In Babylon

By admin Wed, 10/20/2010 - 00:00 SportLifestylecricket

There's a new documentary in London theaters now about the glory days of West Indies cricket. It's called Fire in Babylon and is getting mixed reviews, although most of them are good. Time Out London says it was brilliant, fantastic, entertaining, and disappointing. But the most entertaining review we found on the film was a blog post from Jarrod Kimber on his website Cricket With Balls. Enjoy!

I’ve just come home from the World Premiere of a new documentary about cricket, Fire In Babylon. It should be noted that I wasn’t invited as some sort of viral thing, but that I bought a ticket to a film and the showing I went to happened to be a world premiere.  I did weasel my way into the after party though. Whisky cocktails aren’t to be shitted at. The film was good too. Really good. It was political, crickety, had a kick ass soundtrack and vision of Rodney Hogg hitting Viv Richards.