Dru Being Dru

By admin Tue, 05/24/2011 - 00:00 Lifestylecomedygallery vertical

Making fun of the way Trinis, and some might argue, the way country folk give directions is an old joke. But it took on new energy when a Chinese Indian Trinidadian-Canadian actor told it her way. @BeingDru racked up more than 10,000 views within just one month of uploading her hilariously nuanced interpretation. She told @WeDePeopleTweet she was surprised by the overwhelming and positive response.Click HERE to check it out.

"Comedy is something I never thought I would get into," she said. "I am more of a dramatic actor for film and television. I turned to YouTube because there was a frustration when I realized there weren't a lot of roles for Asian actresses. I had all this energy, all these ideas, and I wanted an outlet to share it." Dru has played lead and supporting roles in films airing on Canadian television and at international film festivals. She has produced and hosted teen pop culture shows and magazine style shows highlighting east Asian culture in Toronto.

She said the driving sketch was hatched after reminiscing about her childhood in Trinidad, and it immediately tapped into the energy of the islands. "I was looking for a way to shed a positive light on our people," she said. "And some people said to me: we don't see people looking like you, sounding like this, doing this on YouTube. People in Trinidad have that natural energy about them. People like Aaron Fresh of Trinidadian heritage, we have this vibrancy that can only come from Trinidad and the Caribbean. We're two little dots on the map, but we're huge in terms of culture and life."